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What Respected People in Industry Said About Us:                                                                                                       [back to top]

  • "I believe you could deliver your lessons and ensure kids can understand and apply without losing temper. That's why I told my partner Chua, you should have no problem as you have dealt with younger kids before. You are a great teacher."
    Ex-HOD of Science Division, one of the SAP schools.
  • To Simply Smart,
    We have received your submission of your enrichment programmes. It seems that your questions are quite thinking and this matches our objective of providing the students enrichments.
    Ms Lim, current Level Head of Mathematics Division, one of the SAP schools.
  • To Simply Smart,
    It seems that your team are doing a good job in the education field.
    Darren, Associate Professor of NTU
  • To Simply Smart, my heartiest congrats – you all have found your niche!
    Keep it up and make 2006 your best year ever!
    a pioneer recipient of the inaugural National Lifelong Learners Awards,
    Founder of Personal Mastery Resources
  • Your word-of-mouth worth more than displaying our programme brochures at your Simply Smart Education Centre. Thank you for your kind sharing to those kids who need our programmes. Also, thank you for supporting Amanda as nominee for "Spirit of Enterprise" awards by casting your vote.
    Conrad Kang & Amanda Lian,
    Founders of e&p Learning Place
  • Both my sons enjoy attending Simply Smart enrichment programmes for their school.
    Hope that Simply Smart can also tailor-make similar interesting and enriching programmes for us.
    I am running a preschool and student care.
    Mrs. Eu, business owner of renowned preschool and student care.
  • How nice to hear from all of you!
    Hope everyone is fine and your business is prospering well! I know Simply Smart
    is as I get to see him often and he's full of wonderful new ideas to help the kids.
    Jac, Vice President of well-established training and consultancy company.
  • It's a wonderful joy for a parent like us to see our kids who were not motivated before love to attend Simply Smart programmes!
    I will surely support Simply Smart by referring more quality foreign students as well as good teachers to your school.
    Charles Tan, Business Development Manager and Managing Director of well-established education and training consultancy and agency for foreign students.
  • Thank you so much for encouraging him. He still gets 9 points for his O level. He is in SAJC tennis. Good luck to you and I will try to get students for you. Actually he has improved under Simply Smart's care. Thanks again and I will only allow someone like Simply Smart who really does good job in education to advertise in my branches.
    Ann, CEO of Kingkow Singapore.
    Tony, Managing Director of Architecture, Interior Design and Consultancy Firm.


What Our Parents Said About Us:                                                                                                                                                 [back to top]

  • “Ms Law's personalized approaches towards Rachel do help. She did very well for her recent test! Thanks a lot!”, Mr. Yeo, Human Resource Director.
  • “This year I do not buy any assessment books for Edlind. I totally leave it to you all. She got a very high band one for her science, 90 plus. Thanks, Teacher Linda!”, mum of Edlind, P 5 Pei Hwa.
  • "Mr. Gan  has helped my daughter build up a good foundation in science, especially Physics. She is  motivated now.”, from a concerned mother.
  • "Ms Celine  is good. Yes, we are happy too. He still needs to work hard.”, from Aida.
  • "Ms. Soh  is good. My son, Darren finds that she helps him a lot.”, from Sandra.
  •  “Ms Rachel Lim had been a committed and responsible tutor. My son, Douglas enjoys attending her lesson and he is motivated now. It is a great improvement!”,  Doris, (From a concerned Managing Director of well-established training and consultancy company).
  • "He had a 9 for Humanities during prelims but Keith helped him and he got a 3 for O! For Chem, Rachel stopped tutoring him for some time already due to her commitment in school. He had a 4 during prelim but a 3 for O. Wow, I am so touched that Simply Smart remembered. Thanks for concern. Overall, he had 16 points. Minus all the points, he got 12 actually. Improved from prelim of 19 points.", mum of Darren (ACS).
  • “I am glad that Ms Candy’s very positive about the feedback. It goes to show her commitment and enthusiasm. She is making changes to accommodate Chester’s sensitivity/timidness and I appreciate the effort. I also mentioned to her that if Chester needs to be discipline, by all means, to go ahead and be firm with him. I expect him to be respectful of the teacher. For the first time in weeks, I finally heard noises from the classroom but I viewed it as happily learning and feeling comfortable with the environment. I hope he absorbed as much. Thanks a lot. I am counting on you and Ms Candy to make a difference”, Teresa.
  • "Really appreciate all the help. Actually I wonder what the school is trying to achieve. Don't see any training before, don't think they are prepared. Afterall, they are not Maths wiz", Teresa.
  • "My son is very glad with Teacher Candy's explanation. He said very clear and in detail. He fully enjoys her lessons", Mrs. Vasuki.
  •  “Mr Teo is not only a committed and responsible tutor but also he can handle my son very well. My son, Yuzhe likes him very much after attending his first lesson and his results for Chem. had improved from C6 to B3 even though just attended 2 lessons  . Yuzhe is very motivated now!”,  Mrs. Ng.
  • "Valerie passed her Chemistry this common test, she is very comfortable with Mr Teo", Mrs. Yeo.
  •  “The Maths teacher, Weihuang is very good. My daughter, Pratika enjoys attending his lesson . ”  Mdm Sita.
  • "Huh, you mean just the first lesson Weihuang can tell that Don is very good but not that careful in his work, great!", Sandra.
  • "I am happy with the Maths teacher, Weihuang. He even goes extra miles to extend the lesson time just to attend the kids' questions", Mrs. Vasuki.
  • "Hi teacher Jenny and Mr Tan, Erika got 97 in her SA2 and she made it to the top 1st class next year. Thanks so much for your guidance. Can see a lot of improvement in her maths this past year,:)", Mrs. Oshima.
  • "I'm very happy with all the tutors for my children, Ms Jenny, Mr Keith, Mdm Iris. All my kids show great improvement in all their subjects", Mrs Sia.
  •  "Darren enjoys Mr. Lim's lesson and he finds Mr. Lim is approachable and helpful. He even sacrifices his time and take his own initiative to coach Darren early in the morning before work. Thank you Mr. Lim, both your efforts and Darren's paid off, he missed by one or two marks only for the recent tests", Sandra.
  • "You all are responsible. You all feedbacks frequently to us. Not like others, we have to call then they will feedback. You know, nowadays parents are busy...", mum of Don, Sec 1 Clementi Town.
  • “Dawn says Mr. Lim is good! His maths class grows from 3 students to 6 students in one week’s time. Thanks for everything”, Mrs. Yap, a concerned parent.
  • "Thank u! Mr. Tan. My husband and I are greatly appreciated by your concern and kindness to Dawn. Most of all, you have introduced us to Mr. Lim who is a dedicated teacher. Under his meticulously tutelage, Dawn has scored a B3 in A math. We are delighted by it. Without you recommending Mr. Lim to us, Dawn would not have gone that far ... I have just bought a small gift and passed it to Susan next Saturday to you. This is our little appreciation to share your joys. Thank you!", with very best wishes! Vanessa, (Dawn's mum).
  • "Thank you so much for your guidance and recommendation for Dawn. She got A2 for her A and E maths. My husband and I are very grateful to you and Mr. Lim. Thank you." from Dawn's mum.
  • "Please help to thank Mr. Lim for his guidance and patience. Stephanie enjoyed his lessons", Mrs.Lum.
  •  “She told me that “my Sir really helps me to do maths well within one month, now I am confident to score well. He even taught me positive thinking”. So, I told her just attend whenever your Sir’s going to conduct any seminars/ workshops. Mr. Tan, thank you so much, you change her life.” Nancy/Mrs.Goh from Bukit Batok. Mrs. Goh’s daughter is the pursuer of  SMU double degrees offer in Economics and Psychology. She aced her A level with 4As and 1 Merit for S paper in 2004. Full testimonial can be viewed upon request.
  • “Mr. Tan has helped my daughter build up a good foundation in chemistry. She is doing well and continues to improve. She scored the highest marks for chem in class for her last test and is very motivated now. It's a nice change for someone who never liked science in the past. If your children need tuition in science, I recommend that you get help from Mr. Tan!” regds, jac (From a concerned Vice President of well-established training and consultancy company).
  • "Perhaps a English story book. Not sure what title she likes. You may ask her. Thanks for your encouragement to her. She needs that. See you."
    "Lynn got B for maths. 3As and 1B. Total 221. She can go into MGS wit DSA. Thank you very much for your guidance.", Cecilia.
  • "Hi Mr. Tan, the programme looks good. KW may attend in June Holidays. Thanks for the offer.",..., "Hi Mr. Tan, KW enjoyed it although it was taxing. He like your instructors very much. Do you have more detail on your website?", Mr. Ong.
  • "Hi Mr. Tan, we would like to thank you personally for taking the trouble to find a good teacher like Teacher Serene. We will always keep your centre in mind should Marcus or any friends who need tuition. Your centre is great! I will strongly recommend them to you. Once again, a big thank you for your help.", Mrs. Wee, a Diploma holder in Montesorri Teaching.
  • "Dear Mr. Tan, I regretted that Renard had given you lots of troubles yesterday. I have talked to him and told him to behave. He enjoyed participating in your activities. If he still causes you inconvenience, please call me. I will not hesitate to bring him back. Please also apologize on my behalf to the other parents. If they would like to complain directly to me, you may let them have my number. So sorry and thank you very much for your patience and guidance.", from Renard's mum.
  • "Dear Mr. Tan, thanks very much for your guidance given. Both Wynona and
    Mitch scored 98% for their Mathematics. This term, Mitch has improved to 97.5%. We are very grateful for your effort. ", from Priscilla.
  • "Hi Mr. Tan, thank you for running a great holiday camp. Justin really enjoyed himself and wants to go again the next holiday. I was so impressed with the course material. May I know if you have any regular class which might help him in the coming exams?", June, parent of Bukit Timah Primary.
  • "Hi Mr.Tan, both Justin and Jae really enjoyed your holiday camp. May we know if you have any regular enrichment programme suitable for them, preferably during the weekends as we stay at Kovan?", Kristine, parent of Rosyth Primary.
  • "Hi Mr.Tan, he got 82 for his Science, improved!", Mrs. Lo, an ex-school teacher.
  • "Xuan Yuan likes your teaching method. He intends to carry on the tuition till his PSLE exam. Hopes he will get A* in math and science, hopefully you will guide his science concept as well", Cheng Boon.
  • "Hi Mr.Tan,I heard from Lynnette that you are now the proud father of a baby boy since 5 May. Congratulations and welcome to the parents club!", Harry and Cecilia.
  • "Hi Mr. Tan, Joey is very keen in Chemistry. Please allocate slots for her for physics and chemistry for next year too. Thanks. Appreciate your guidance", mum of RGS Joey.
  • "Your services are good. You always keep us updated on the latest educational useful information. Otherwise, I would not have come back to you for help. Thanks.", Jamie.
  • "He failed both subjects and even mother tongue, Malay too. I think he has not done his part. He promised me to stop his computer game and start studying."
    "I must let you know that my son enjoys your lessons very much but we hope to work again with you soon once all these chaos is over. I sincerely hope for your kind understanding of the situation and appreciate the knowledge you have imparted to my son. Hopefully he can make good use of them and benefit himself and others with it some day."
    "Thanks Mr.Tan. In fact I have been thinking of the NA path too. That way I can try to put him at a better school. After all, either way he'll still get there but it's the peers he'll be mixing with that I am concerned about. I too hope it will work better for him. I sincerely thank you for your advice and time taken asking for Azhar's welfare."
    "Heh heh, good for you. Baby George will surely benefit from your Simply Smart Education System.
    Once again, congratulations. Wishing you success.", Madam Anis.
  • "Simply Smart Enrichment is good. My the other son in P3 also attended enrichment programmes by other organizations in his school. I have never expected and experienced such personalized and customized service before. Please keep me informed when Simply Smart is going to conduct more training sessions for my son's school.", a parent from s SAP school engaging Simply Smart.
  • "Thanks for your truthful feedbacks. The boys still have a long way  to go. But whatever improvements they have made is a team effort by all.", Rohanita, Assistant Vice President, UOB Group.
  • "Question: How to improve my sons maths? He just cant seem to get problem sums right? Have I missed out something? Thank you, desperate now, his exam is near.", Violet, ex-school teacher.
  • "Fortunately Seoyoon will take the GEP selection test for the 2nd round at 18th Oct. Can you prepare the worksheets for her? She has two lessons until that day. Please help her. Thanks." Mdm Lee, expatriate from Korea.
  • "Melvin Tan, 222. English, Chinese and Maths A*, Science B. It's alright. I'm happy with his results.", Mrs.Tan, business owner.
  • "Pei San managed to get only 228. She is quite disappointed but is willing to improve in her secondary results. Thanks for the concern.", Henry Ang.
  • "Hi Mr.Tan, Constance is in for the Maths Olympiad. Thanks for your help.", Mrs. Seah.
  • "Hi Mr.Tan..How is brenda? More responsive now...You know what she scored 59 for Maths and her teacher said it was a tough paper..Thank you for your guidance..".Edwina.
  • "Hi Mr Tan, just to share. Chris has been awarded Most Improved Student. He improved across all the subjects.", Mrs Koh.
  • "Hey, Mr Tan, let you know Sean got 87 for Science and 85 for Maths. He's happy. :).", Siew Mei.


What Our Students Said:                                                                                                               [back to top]

  •  “The Maths teacher, Mr. Lim is very good.  ”  Mei Qi, O level sec 4 girl from Unity Secondary.
  • "Yes! My maths improved a lot under Mr. Lim's care. Thanks.", Tze Jie, student of Hua Yi Secondary.
  • “Hey mum, Ms Soh’s lesson is cool! I got A1 for my recent bio test...”, Sec 4 boy from Chung Cheng High (Main).
  • "I improved in Science but maths still need to buck up", Ying Hao, student of Hua Yi Secondary.
  • “I thought I would have gotten a "D" for math as last year PSLE paper was really hard. Unexpectedly, I got A for math and I am now in Clementi Town. Mr. Tan's explanation was clear.”, Grace, Hui Joo from Princess Elizabeth Primary.
  • "Hello Mr. Tan! Happy teacher's day! May you be reminded on this day of what a simply marvellous teacher you are! Cheers and have a great trip in Hong Kong!(:"
    "I got an  A for Math and Physics! Haha, I can't believe I got an A in Physics. Haha, even my teacher was laughing! I got a B for Chem! I did very well for my overall this term, thanks to you! (: Thanks Mr. Tan!",
    "Hello Mr.Tan, guess what! I got A, 81% for my H2 Maths JC1 Promo. I topped my tutorial class. I did very well for my overall this term too, 3As2Bs, thank you, Mr.Tan."
    Jamie from NJC IP.
  • "Hi Mr. Tan, Samuel and I would like to wish you a happy teacher's day. Enjoy yourself in Hong Kong! =)Mr. Tan, Happy Teacher's Day! A day to remember, a day to treasure, a day for my best teacher. Wishing you a wonderful Teacher's day.", Jane from NUS High Sch, Catholic JC and Samuel from Hwa Chong Institution.
  • "I got A1 for Science, A2 for Maths. Overall straight As for my Sec 1 IP", Marilyn from Nanyang Girls.
  • Ms. Law is very patient and her delivery approach is very systematic for me to learn”, Rachel from Westwood Secondary.
  • Teacher Weihuang's explanation is clear. I can understand his lesson well. He even attends to my difficult questions. ”, Vithya from RGS.
  • Mr. Teo is like my previous fabulous home tutor. He becomes my mentor who guides me and shows me the rope to achieve my desired results. In addition, he has a very impressive academic track record ”, Yuzhe from Chung Cheng High.
  • “This is the first time I aced both my Maths & Science with A1s for my mid year exam. My scores used to be 50 plus only before that. My heartfelt thanks to both Ms. Law  and Ms Rachel Lim. ”, Douglas from Clementi Town.
  • “How I wish Simply Smart Education Centre is near my home so that I could go there everyday. It's so fun learning there!” ,P5 Liu Zheng.
  • “I got into kranji secondary and got an A for math and A* for science. My score is 235.” , Tommy from West View Primary.
  • Hi teacher!
    “I got A* for science and A for math! I hope you are happy. I got into Kranji Secondary because i can't get into Swiss Cottage. Sorry I didn't reply earlier as I was in Beijing. My aggregate score is 237 . I Got first in class. Thank you !”, Leong ShiLin.
  • “I got A* for math and A for science. My score is 258. I am in River Valley IP now. Thanks.”, Hui Min.
  • “Physics one and Chemistry two. Thanks..”, Kenneth from Victoria School upon receiving his O Level results on Physics and Chemistry.
  • “Sorry for the late reply. I got A2 Physics and B3 Chemistry. Thanks..”, Kawai from ACSi upon receiving his O Level results on Physics and Chemistry.
  • “I got ABB, Bs for both Physics and Chemistry. It's okay, quite good already ... My teacher even praised me..”, Aaron from Saint Andrew JC sent SMS upon receiving his A Level results on Physics and Chemistry.
  • “It is alright...Actually I am okay with my results...Quite satisfied...I got A for econs, B for physics and math”, Ming Juan from National JC sent SMS upon receiving her A Level results on math.


What Our Teachers Said:                                                                                                           [back to top]

  • "Because of responsibility and integrity, I have to turn their higher offer down courteously since I have already promised you to commit. I will try my very best. Please feel free to give me feedbacks, especially from the parents. Thanks for your advice and opportunity. "
    Teacher Jaslyn
  • "Have informed the mum on her laziness lately, especially doing her homework assigned. She needs to be pushed. "
  • "His command of languages is the best amongst the rests. However, he is quite complacent to excel."
  • "Devin's English is not as good as expected. His inability to do well in comprehension and composition also stems from his grammatical command."
    Teacher Celine
  • "I am more interpersonal, like to open up to people, understand them more,
    find out things about them, make people comfortable."
    Teacher Zhang WeiHuang
  • "I like interpersonal. Also, including Building rapport with students."
    Teacher Rachel Lim
  • "I feel satisfied when I see those students under my care have improved.”
    Teacher Law
  • “I prefer to teach them concepts in addition to theory. Like Venn diagrams, so that they can apply instead of memorizing. I think that is better."
  • "I am trying now and it is working quite well. I bought some marshmellow for them and they are quite cheerful now. I will make the lesson slower then. Make the three of them acquainted first."
  • "I think she needs to learn more attention skills, more cognitive skills for science. Her challenge is not able to pay attention to what she is reading. Also, she is not  strong in her understanding of science questions with diagrams, tables. I think her challenge lies in her English as she has limited vocabulary. Therefore, she does not understand words like characteristics. Her Math is good but facing attention and processing skill challenges...I have noticed her being more interested lately and grasp concepts faster, especially for Math. She simply cannot do the paper alone, she needs attention and guidance. "
  • "I have written down the instructions what is to be done in the file for the replacement teacher. The children's exams are coming up."
  • "The school didn't tell us about the format till later. That is why not enough practice. Besides, the final exams isn't in this format. Usual format he should be able to do well. I don't want to overstress him as well. If he does too many heuristics, he might forget the usual problems too."
  • "I kind of gave up. He failed his prelim. Didn't really hope for much. But good for him with a C4 for his English."
  • "Much better now but it's still the bad attitude. Not very confident and also not willing to learn if don't understand. But once get it can do."
    Teacher Candy
  • “I like to interact with them as well, get to know them personally, then can be a good mentor."
  • "No lah, he did well (A1) is his credit. But I am happy for him too."
  • "I want to do a more detailed regrouping of the class and probably re-teach certain concepts to each group."
    Teacher Soh Song Qi
  • " I spoke to Mei Qi's parents. They are concerned with her progress. I told them I am helping her to build up her basic and will try our best to help her improve. Mei Qi has shown some improvement lately, yet still areas to be covered..."
  • "I will keep encouraging her not to give up. She has a chance to turn around within shortest possible time if she continue trying hard and come to class with tried questions and problems."
  • "Just called Darren to see if he is following the homework and revision closely. I spoke to his mum and shared with her my strategy for him: First aim is to pass and build up the confidence. We are planning for extra lessons during June holidays."
  • "I see Douglas has potential to give the express students a good run. He is teachable."
  • "I spoke to Jolene's mum yesterday. To advise minimize the absent lessons, else Jolene needs to exercise self discipline in her maths studies so that she will not be left behind when she rejoin the group."
  • "Stephanie is building up her confidence progressively, a fresh bud to blossom in due time."
    Teacher David Lim
  • " I like to motivate, as well as inspire the bigger crowd in training capacity."
  • "Hi Doris, the tutor has been refreshing Douglas's memory before each lesson. His learning attitude is good except for his homework. Thus, I have requested the tutor not only be nice but also be stern."
    Master Trainer Tan

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