Our Enrichment Trainers

Mr David Lim Yi Jing

An established trainer with outstanding academic credentials and testimonials. He specializes in teaching high ability children and children who have challenges in mathematics. 
Formerly the award winner of Mathematical Olympiad for both senior section and National level (open category). He conducts Mathematics programmes that help develop children’s thinking habits and problem solving ability. A current lecturer of JC, Master in mathematics, NIE.

Ms Hannah Ho Hung Kwin

Formerly, a secondary school and adjunct contract teacher with 15 years of experience in upper primary and secondary English and Maths. Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership and Management (RMIT), Postgraduate Diploma in Education (NIE,NTU), Bachelor of Arts, Major in English Language, General Mathematics (NUS) was an alumna of NYJC and Saint Anthony’s Canossian Convent School. Schools taught include Ping Yi, Anderson and Tanjong Katong Sec. Besides preparing curriculum and drafting academic programs, Ms Hannah also actively involves in freelance writing and editing of guidebooks for local publishing firms, namely Longman Publishing and ACE Publications. Schools taught include YMCA, East View and Ngee Ann Sec. Conducted P4 Science Olympiad for Changkat, P6 Science Stretched for St Stephen’s & P2 Heuristics Math for Teck Ghee Primary. P5 and P6 MO for Zhenghua and Gan Eng Seng, Greendale, Bukit View and Montfort Junior. P3MO for Temasek. P4MO for Yumin Primary. Also conducted SMO and AMC for Teck Whye and Marsiling Sec.

Mdm Tan Chiew Hiang Sherry

Bachelor of Science Degree in Mathematics with Psychology. Bacc SUSS.

  • Math Olympiad for primary and sec (Junior/Senior/Open)
  • Counsellor & Therapist Centre for exceptionally children
  • Private teaching & tuition centre
  • Relief teacher & Enrichment Programmes for primary, secondary & JC

 P2 MO for Boon Lay Garden, P3 MO for Kranji. P5 MO for Anderson, Naval base, Chua Chu Kang and Horizon. P4 MO for woodgrove, CHIJ Toa Payoh, Anderson, White Sands. P6 MO for CHIJ Katong, Naval Base and ACS GEP. Spatial Visualization Cum Problem Solving Heuristics for Yumin and Waterway Primary. SMO Senior for SCGS and PLMGS, Nan Chiau High, Riverside and Yusof Ishak Sec (SMO Junior). Amath enrichment for Sec4/5 for CDAC.

Ms Ho Siew Lan Karen

Bachelor of SC(chem), NUS. 15 years tutoring ( Upper Primary – JC, Eng, Math, Sci, Physic/Chem ) Current Poly lecturer coaching pharmacheutical/Organic/Inorganic/Physical/General Chem , Freelance Math and Science Trainer, Tutor. Ex-VJC and SACCsec. Mdm Karen Ho believes in empowering her students to take charge of their learning by providing the necessary skills for them to understand the lesson contents so that they can apply their understanding to solving problems and questions. This is especially essential in Maths and Science because many students learn by rote and the lack of understanding hinders their ability to handle higher order questions that require more thinking skills. SMO Senior for SCGS, Nan Chiau High, Crescent Girls and Maris Stella High Sec3 and Sec 4 Senior class. SMO Junior Sec 2 for St Margaret. P6MO for Greendale. P4MO for Yumin and Marymount Convent School. SJChO for Crescent Girls’ Sec 3 and 4.

Ms Lim Yen Fang

MBA, BSc(HONS) – Bio-Chem(NUS). Math and Science Enrichment trainers for MOE schools since 2010, e.g. P3 and P4 MO for Nan Hua and Newtown, P6 MO for St Hildas, East Spring, Angsana, Greendale Pri Sch, Bedok West Pri Sch, Compassvale Pri Sch, Ai Tong Pri Sch and RGPS, P456MO for Whitesand and Anderson , P3456 MO for North Spring , P3MO for Pei Chun Public, Nan Chiau, East Spring,P4MO for Bukit View, Boon Lay Garden May Flower Pri and Cantonment. P5MO for North Vista, Horizon, Boon Lay Garden and Naval Base primary;  SMO Junior Sec 1 for MSHS, Crescent Girls’ school, sec 2 for St Anthony’s Canossian sec, Math Modeling for Catholic High, AMC Sec 1 for Yuan Ching Sec, AMC Sec2 for Canberra SS. P4,5,6 Life Science (Greenridge), P6 Life Science (SCGS); P4 Life Sci (Kheng Cheng), P5 Science Olympiad for Jurong, West Groves and Zhangde Primary, P3456 Science CCA Club for Cantonment, P34 Math and Science Camp for Gan Eng Seng.

Mr Joseph Ho Kwong Hwee

NUS Degree in Comp Science/ Info Sys. Cambridge (UK) Diploma in Teaching & Education. Cert in Teaching Methodology (Southern Cross Univ, Aus). Have been teaching Primary & Secondary Math for about last 10 years, Sec Science for about 3 years. For about 2.5 years, a full time Sec ‘O’ level Preparatory Additional/ Elementary (A/E) Math teacher in Dimensions International College (Kovan).Also a Math Olympiad trainer for about 8 years from Pri 3 to Sec 4 in MOE schools. P6MO for ACS GEP; P5MO for Woodlands, Opera Estate and Naval Base; P3MO Greendale, P4MO Anchor Green, West View, St Hildas and North Spring P3-P4MO, Jurong West P4MO, Nanhua, Edgefield, rivervale etc. Among the schools that he have taught are Ahmad Ibrahim Sec, Hillgrove Sec, Guang Yang Sec, Victoria Sec, Canberra Sec, SCGS Sec SMO Junior for Nan Chiau High, Hai Sing Catholic High, Bukit Batok, Swiss Cottage , St Andrew’s , Zhenghua and Pasir Ris Crest Secondary. Math Modeling for Catholic High School. P4 Sci (Edgefield).

Mdm Loh Lai Meng (Ann Loh)

MOE certified and accredited enrichment trainer for Maths, Science, Speech and Drama. Diploma holder of Educational Studies( Phonics, Speech & Drama, Creative Writing). Full time tutor with 30 years of tutoring experience, Math & Science Olympiad trainer, Training Director of Simply Smart Enrichment since 2004. Conducted Mathematical Olympiad for Shuqun (P56),  New Town (P3-6), RGPS P4-P6GEP ,Teck Ghee (P4-6), Anderson (P3-P6),Fuchun,(P3), Punggol(P4-6), Yuneng, Temasek, Maha Bodhi(P4),Tampines North (P5-6), Guangyang (P4-5), Hougang (P6), MGS(P5-6), May Flower, Compassvale, Chongzheng (P5-6), CDAC @ Woodlands Branch (P5-6), Dazhong(P3) and Blangah Rise(P3-4), Nan Hua P3MO and P5-6 GEP AMEC, Spatial Visualization Math for Waterway Primary 3 & Junior Olympiad for Dunearn Sec.

Ms Wong Wai Li (Joyce)

Electronics and Communication Engineering Graduate of Singapore Poly, is full time Maths and Science tutor since 1994 for 25 years. Ms Joyce is adept at communication skills, especially in establishing rapport with students and peers. She specializes in coaching AE Maths for both upper secondary and Science for primary. Conducted Mathematics Enrichment Workshop for Huamin and Canberra. Her relevant passions are assessing student performance prior to organizing learning materials to target problem areas, in particular problem solving skills. Also conducted Math Olympiad for Guangyang Sec and Naval Base primary (P4,P5,P6), A Star & Plus Mathematics Thinking Course for Naval Base (P4), Evergreen (P6), A Star & Plus Science Thinking Programme for Greenwood, Science Olympiad for Naval Base (P6), Woodgrove and MO for Teck Ghee and Marymount Convent (P5), RGPS (P4 and P5) and Si Ling (P6).

Mr Ong Kok How

Diploma in Electronics, is a responsible full time tutor. Mr Ong specializes in coaching Maths and Science for both upper primary and lower secondary. Conducted Mathematics Enrichment Workshop such as A Star & Plus Thinking Programme for Rivervale, Yishun, Math Olympiad for Si Ling, Nan Chiau Primary (P3 & P5),  North Spring (P3 & P4), Rivervale (P3 & P4), St Hilda’s (P3), East Spring, Blangah Rise (P5) and Compassvale, Bukit View (P4). Science Stretched Prog for P6 Greenwood. 

Mr Patrick Tay Hock Beng

BSc Psychology(Unisim), Dip, Civil Engineering, ACTA – Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment. Private Tutor since Jan 2003 (17 years) for Math and Sci (P1 to Sec4), Enrichment trainers for schools since 2008 (11years),Temasek, RGPS GEP and CHIJOLQOP P5MO,Nan Chiau P4 & P6MO, Distinctions for Sec AE Maths & Physics. P3MO for Woodlands, Greenridge, Nan Hua. P4MO for Concord, Siling Pri, Jurong West Primary and Delassa School, P5 and P6 MO for Jiemin, North Spring, CDAC P2345MO, P6MO for Pioneer Pri,  St Hildas, Unity, East Spring. P4&P5MO for St Hildas; P4-P5SO for Jurong West Pri.  SMO Junior Sec 2 for PLMGS, Teck Whye. Sec 2 Math Modeling for Catholic High . Sec 3 SASMO for Guangyang. Conducted Heuristics Around Us Let’s Go flying Kite @ GES P5, CDAC .P5Math and Science Camp for GES, P4 Science Camp for MGS. P4SO for Greenridge, West Grove. Problem Solving Heuristics for Evergreen PS (P5).

Ms Seet Li Hoon

Bachelor of Arts with Diploma in Education (Major in Math. 19 years of teaching experience, specialise in teaching primary mathematics and Science. MO P3 Sembawang and Si Ling Pri, P4 MO CHIJOLQOP, Naval Base, Bukit View, SCGS. P5 MO Concord, Teck Ghee, Greenwood, Bukit View,  StGabriel, Northland,  Yio Chu kang. P6MO for Naval Base. Problem Solving Heuristics for Evergreen PS (P6).

Mdm Alice Lim Chay Lai Kuen

Graduate of Theocratic Ministry School  ,a program of biblical reading, study and research with instruction in public reading and arts of speaking and teaching, is an enthusiastic, passionate and committed full time tutor since 1987. Mdm Alice specializes in AE Maths for both upper secondary. She is dedicated to keep her students engaged, motivated, focused in order to optimize their success. Olympiad Trainer for Corporation and Boon Lay Garden (P4-P6); Lakeside, Juying, Gan Eng Seng, Chua Chu Kang, South View (P5),P6 MO for Si Ling, Zhenghua, Qihua, West Grove, Chua Chu Kang, Corporation and Jurong West Primary, P4MO for Frontier. A Star & Plus Thinking Programme for Teck Whye (P5), Yishun (P6), Xingnan (P4,P5 & P6), Mathematical Olympiad (Junior/Senior) for Whitley, Marsiling Sec (AMC Intermediate), SMO Junior for Zhenghua SS. Sec 1 and Sec 2 SASMO for AMK. Science Enrichment for Greenwood (P6). A Star & Plus Math Thinking Programmes for Unity, Henry Park, Xingnan, (P6),  Teck Whye (P4&P6). Also conducted  Science Olympiad for St Hilda’s (P4), St Stephen’s and Greenwood Primary (P6).  P6MOSO for Greenridge; 2017-2021 P4-P5SO for JWPS; P5SO for West Grove and Jurong. P3 Science Camp for MGS.

Ms Tan Kim Eng, Samantha

Interior Design, Production Engineering Graduate of Inspiration Design Training Center (Singapore) and Canberra Institute of Technology Australia and Singapore Poly, is an experienced full time tutor since 1994. Ms Samantha specializes in Maths and Science for both primary and secondary. Also an enrichment trainer for Abacus and Mental Arithmetic Course, various mathematics enrichment like A Star & Plus Thinking Programme at Holy Innocent’s and Rivervale Primary, Olympiad trainer for Hougang, Zhenghua and Lakeside(P5),  SCGS (P6), Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary and Bedok Green (Sec2). P2,P3 MO for Boon Lay Garden, Nan Hua, West View, Chua Chu Kang and Newtown. P4MO for CHIJ Our Lady Queens of Peace.

Mr Aw Jee Siang

Mechatronics Graduate of Nanyang Poly, is a responsible full time tutor since 2004. Mr Aw specializes in Maths as well as Physical Sciences for both Primary and lower secondary. Conducted Math Olympiad Workshop for Yangzheng, Bedok Green (P4). Pei Chun Public School, RedSwastika(P3,4,5,6).Temasek, Rivervale (P3),Naval Base and Zhenghua (P6), Elias parkP4/5/6 ), Horizon and East Spring (P5-P6). A Star & Plus Mathematics Thinking Programme for Rivervale (P4-P5),  Yishun Primary (P5).  CDAC Tj Katong (P123456), CDAC Woodlands & Punggol (P123456), Ngee Ann & Zhangde (P4), Woodlands (P5); Science Olympiad for  Naval Base(P6), St Stephen’s School(P5),  Changkat & Fernvale Primary(P4), Sci Stretched for CHIJ Katong (P6); Edgefield (P4) & Yumin (P5), Haig’s Girls (P5),  Life Sci for MGS (P4-5),  Forensic Sci for PLMGS (P5),  CDAC Punggol & Sengkang Sci (P3456). Ping Yi Educational Hands-on (Sec2). Sec MO for St Anthony’s Canossian Girls and Woodlands (S2), Swiss Cottage, Crescent Girls’ Sch and Hai Sing Catholic High (S1), MSHS and PLMGS (S34) &  Jun Yuan (S34); Math Modeling for Catholic High Sch Sec2. Conducted Heuristics Around Us Let’s Go flying Kite @ GES P5 , CDAC.  P3 and P5MO for Nan Chiau, P5-P6 for Tampines North, P5SO for White Sands, East Coast, P5MO for CHIJOLQOP, P3MO for Temasek, P5-P6MO for Zhangde, P5SO for Zhangde, P5MO for Alexandra, P6MO for White Sands and Compassvale, P3 Science Camp for MGS, P3 Math and Science Camp for GES. P4 Science Olympiad for Greenridge. SMO for AMK SS, Hai Sing.

Mr Daniel Wong Sing Chong

(RMIT), Australia 2nd Upper Class Bachelor in Engineering (Electrical/ Electronic).Mar 2011 – Current, train and guide students from Private Preschools, primary and secondary schools in various specialized subjects & programs (e.g. Math Enrichment, Math Olympiad, Science, Science Olympiad, Science Talent Management, Financial Literacy, Motivation and Career Guidance). Create a fun and enjoyable learning environment to engage the students. Math Olympiad for Temasek, Nan Chiau, Newtown (P3-P5MO), Changkat pri sch, Mayflower pri and Maha Bodhi pri sch and Gan Eng Seng (P4) Maris Stella High (P4,5,6)ACS Pri (P6,5,4,3,2)Punggol (P4,5,6),  Red Swastika, St Anthony Pri sch (P6), North Spring and Cantonment Pri (P5,P6), Rivervale Pri, Gan Eng Seng, Horizon Primary (P5), Jurong West Primary, Yew Tee (P6). Sec1-Sec2 SMO PLMGS, woodlands, woodlands Ring SS, Coral, MSHS and Catholic High School. Science Talent management program(Telok Kurau (P5).Other Math enrichment program(Princess Elizabeth pri sch,  St Gabriel and Changkat pri sch (P3),  First Toa Payoh, Xingnan pri sch (P5), Bukit Panjang pri sch and Pasir Ris pri sch (P6), Chongzheng pri sch, East Coast pri sch, Kheng Cheng school (P4), Macpherson pri sch and  Springdale pri sch (P2), St Patrick sec sch and Pioneer sec sch (S3). Other Science enrichment program(Bukit panjang pri sch and Greendale pri sch (P6), Si Ling ENV STEM Sci (P5), CHIJ OLN (P3), Gan Eng Seng pri sch and Nanyang pri sch (P2). Environmental Science program(North View sec sch (various levels), Zhonghua sec sch (S2)). Conducted Heuristics Around Us Let’s Go flying Kite @ GES P5, CDAC. 

Mdm Manju Khanna

Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) (Hons).Sept 2009 – current. Educating Secondary and Primary level school students, in life skills, Maths and Science.Math Olympiad:Raffles Girls’, Canberra & Sembawang Primary. Math Enrichment: Bukit Panjang,Kranji,Rulang,Unity,Henry Park,East Coast,Innova,Macpherson Secondary. Science Enrichment: Farrer Park,Eunos,Nan Hua Secondary. Manju is an educator, motivational speaker and engineer. Known for her highly positive and supportive attitude, it is her personal mission to empower every student with the necessary skills to deliver with confidence and enthusiasm. She not only works students’ academics, but also firmly believes that success lies in nurturing their self-esteem and confidence. Her passion lies in being able to work with young minds to help them find their niches and realize their dreams. Her ability to think on her feet and adapt to changing situations has been exhibited in her interactions. Her sensitivity and passion for shaping young futures has been crucial in her work. P2,P3MO for Teluk Kurau, May Flower, West View, Riverside, North Vista (P456), P4MO for Anchor Green, Concord, Boon Lay Garden and North Oak, P5MO for Horizon, North Spring, Newtown, Compassvale, Opera Estate , Pioneer and West Grove. Conducted Heuristics Around Us Let’s Go flying Kite @ GES P5, CDAC. P6MO for Alexandra and Chua Chu Kang PS. SMO Junior for MSHS. P4SO for West Grove, MGS, Fernvale and Zhangde. P5 SO for Sembawang, Fernvale, Zhangde and West Grove. P5 Science Camp for MGS. P5 Math and Science Camp for GES. P56 Science for CDAC. P56 Heuristics Math for CDAC.

Mr Chen King Yew

National Junior College – GCE A level. Singapore University – B Eng (Electrical). National University of Singapore – MSEE (Electrical). Year 2005-2006: Taught Maths Olympiad in Shanghai Institute of Chinese. Year 2008-Now: Associate lecturer with Republic Polytecnic teaching Mathematics and Computing modules. Conducted Math Modeling for Catholic High School, SMO, SASMO for AMK SS, Bukit Batok Sec, P4MO for May Flower, Waterway, P5MO for Concord Primary. Conducted SMO for Chung Cheng High (Main) Maris Stella High, Crescents Girls, Compassvale Sec, Haising Catholic, St Andrew’s Sec, Tanglin Sec. Conducted Heuristics Around Us Let’s Go flying Kite at AMK P6.

Ms Teo Chia Gek May

Holder of a Electronics and Communication Diploma. A relief teacher for both primary and secondary schools. Ms Teo, who is well-versed in computer training and consultancy has been incorporating computer exercises to reinforce classroom learning during enrichment lessons. She is an outspoken, confident, diligent, committed, perseverance, passionate, patient and caring tutor cum trainer for children. Schools taught include Jurong West, Teck Ghee, West Grove, Pioneer, Yuhua, Jurong, Bukit Panjang, South View, West View, Fuhua, Shuqun, Kong Hwa, Boon Lay Garden, Radin Mas and Teck Whye primary, Mathematical Pre-Olympiad for Boon Lay Garden, Concord, Chua Chu Kang (P2-P3), P4 MO for RGPS, Juying, Frontier, Delassa School and Yew Tee Primary, P5-P6MO for Shuqun, Concord, Chua Chu Kang. A Star & Plus Mathematics Thinking Programme for Xingnan (P5 & P6). Conducted Heuristics Around Us Let’s Go flying Kite @ CDAC. 2018-2022 P4-P5 SO for Jurong West Pri and West Grove, P3 Math and Science Camp for Gan Eng Seng Primary, P2 Science Camp for MGS.

Mr. Timothy Sng Koon Chye

Mechatronic graduate, an experienced trainer and tutor specializing in teaching primary maths and science in commercial schools as well as RC setting, in particular PSLE maths. Conducted Mathematical Olympiad Course for Marsiling, Compassvale, East Spring, North Spring, Nan Hua, Nan Chiau (P3-4), Naval Base, Bedok Green, Yangzheng, Temasek, Yumin, Horizon, South View and Si Ling Primary (P5), Hougang, Chua Chu Kang, Gan Eng Seng and Blangah Rise (P5P6). Fun with mathematics thinking course Gan Eng Seng (P4-5), Tampines North (P4),Rivervale (P3,P4 & P5), Changkat(P6), Juying(P6), First Toa Payoh & Yishun (P6) and Pioneer (P1-3), CDAC @ Toa Payoh (P3-P6), Boon Lay Garden (P5). Science Olympiad for Woodgrove and St Anthony Pri. P4,P5MO for Pei chun Public School, AMC,SMO,AMO for Senior JWSS, Hua Yi Sec, Cresent Girls’ sch, PLMGS and Maris Stella High.

Mr Robert Tay Seang Hee

Graduate, Mr Tay is an responsible, bubbly and experienced full time tutor since 1990. He consistently coaches primary pupils in learning centres Mathematics and Science to achieve distinctions. Also, an instructor for enrichment programmes like Creative Problem Solving Heuristics for Townsville (P5), Tampines North (P4), Wellington and Unity (P6). Conducted Mathematical Olympiad for Teck Ghee, Pei ying, Shuqun, Marsiling, St Gabriels (P5), Anderson, West View (P3-4),  Elias Park, Blangah Rise and Compassvale (P4),  P6MO for Woodlands,  Zhenghua Pri and CDAC @ Yishun Branch (P5-6). Conducted A Star and Plus Mathematics Thinking Course for Holy lnnocent’s and Poi Ching School (P6), Yishun (P5), and Fun with Mathematics Thinking Course for Tampines North and Evergreen (P4), Pioneer (P3), A Star & Plus Science for Xishan (P5-6), Science Olympiad for St Hilda’s and Greenwood (P5).

Ms Fu Yuen Ping

Building Management graduate, is a dedicated, patient and experienced full time tutor since 1998. Tutoring students ranging from Primary 1 to Secondary 4 the core subjects like, English, Maths and Science for 20 years. IT trainer – Using computer software like, Powerpoint, Frontpage and Touch Typing to teach Primary School students’ Science topics and Web Design. (2001 – 2002) .Math & Sci Olympiad Coach(2007-present)for Si Ling, Hougang ,Tampines, RGPS & Rivervale (P5P6); Yuneng, MahaBodhi Yangzheng Primary (P4), May Flower and Boon Lay Garden  (P3-P5); Temasek, Concord, riverside and Kuo Chuan Presbyterian (P2-P3). A Star and Plus Mathematics Thinking Course for First Toa Payoh, Henry Park Primary and Fun with Mathematics Thinking Course for Tampines North and Pioneer Primary, Math Think Tank for Gan Eng Seng and Science Appreciation Days for Coral Primary, Science Olympiad for Naval Base (P6).

Mr Ng Tiak Beng Peter

Formerly, a Vice-principal and Math and Sciene HOD with 44 years of experience in Math and Science. Mr Ng is an experienced educator who earned his Further Professional Certificate in Education, Diploma in Educational Administration (Primary School) and most importantly Diploma in Pastoral Care & Career Guidance from NIE. Also conducted workshops for CDAC, YMCA. Schools taught include Bartley Secondary, RI, Fengshan and Sengkang (MA & SCI HOD), Jun Yuan and Xing Hua primary (VP). Conducted enrichment programmes like P6 Math Plus Programme for Changkat and Opera Estate, Ngee Ann (P4), Math Olympiad for Yangzheng, Red Swastika(P4-P6), Pei Chun Public, Elias Park, Bukit View, Si Ling and Anderson Primary (P6), Bedok Green (P4,P5),  P5MO Bukit View and CHIJ TPY,  P4MO Greenridge and St Hildas’ Primary. AMC Grade 9 for Springfield Sec, SMO S2 (Manjusri, Pasir Ris Crests, Saint Andrew’s, Swiss Cottage, Hai Sing Catholic High and Riverside Sec);Science Olympiad for Changkat (P5).

Mr Tan Kim Leng @ Chen Guo Long

Formerly, a secondary school teacher (Graduate Diploma of Social Science in Professional Counselling) with 14 years of experience in Maths and Science for both primary and secondary schools. Secondary schools taught include Broadrick, Upper Aljunied, Mayflower and Admiralty Secondary and got promoted to General Education Officer 2A2 in 2000. An enthusiastic full time MOE Math, Science trainer since 2005. Maths and Science enrichment courses for Henry Park, East View, North Spring, ZhongHua, Northland and Jun Yuan Primary, A Star & Plus Math for Holy Innocent’s, Rivervale (P4&P6), First Toa Payoh and Math Olympiad Programme for May Flower , Greenridge and Anderson Primary (P6), Loyang, Bukit View (P4-5), Compassvale and Greenridge (P5) and Yangzheng Primary (P4-5), Si ling (P4); Rivervale and St Hildas’ (P3-4); Science Olympiad for Xishan (P5,6) & Fernvale Primary (P4,5,6); Changkat (P4,5); St Stephen’s (P5,6); Dazhong, Greenridge (P4,5); West Grove (P4); Rivervalley and Kheng Cheng (P5); CHIJ Katong Girls (P6); Edgefield (P4,5); Juying, East Coast and Zhangde (P5); Yuneng (P4,5); Hougang (P5); CDAC (P1,2,3,4,5,6); Pingyi Sec 2. Conducted Heuristics Around Us Let’s Go flying Kite @ GES P5, CDAC. P4 Math and Science Camp for Gan Eng Seng Primary.

Ms Karine Chia Sok Ching

Bachelor of Science ( Molecular Genetics) Curtin University, Diploma in Biotechnology (Ngee Ann Polytechnic). Distinction in Best Book Prize for Written and Oral Presentation ( Ngee Ann Polytechinic, Biotechnology), Ms Karine has prior private tutor experience for 8 years specialising in Mathematics and Science ( from upper Primary to Secondary four O levels). She has also done PAP tuition classes up to Primary 6 level. At her subsequent work in the pharmaceutical area, she is accustomed to group workshops and lectures presentations especially in the healthcare arena. Thus, she was Invited as a speaker by MOH for NHG & Singhealth Group on infection control in Sars. Also an enrichment trainer for Math and Science for both primary and secondary schools. Conducted MO for Lakeside, Temasek and  Compassvale (P4); Boon Lay Garden, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian, North Spring, Teluk Kurau and Gan Eng Seng Primary (P5).  Naval Base P5 Math Clinics, Tanjong Katong Think Tank Prog P3. Problem Solving Heuristics for Evergreen Primary (P5). SMO Sec 1,2 for Teck Whye Sec and Sec 3 for Holy Innocents’ High ;Science Olympiad for Changkat(P4,P5),  St Stephen Sch (P5 & P6), P4 SOC for Bukit View and Greenridge Pri, P5SOC for Boon Lay Garden and Kheng Cheng, P5 Environmental Sci for Si Ling Pri, P5 Science Olympiad, Life Science DNA for West Grove Primary.  

Mr Tan Leng Cher

Master of SC(Electrical Engineering), NUS, NIE. 8 years tutoring and contract teaching (Primary to Secondary, Math, Sci, Physic/Chem, Design and Technology ) , Freelance Math and Science Olympiad Trainer, Robotic Coding Trainer. Ex-Hwa Chong. P4-P5MO for Anderson, Anchor Green, Bukit View Primary.

Mr Premraj S/O Many Segar

Mechanical Engineering graduate from NUS, is a passionate and enthusiastic full time Mathematics and Science tutor since 2007. Mr Premraj specializes in  Mathematics and Sciences since his A Levels. He enjoys interacting with children and passionate in helping students to do well, tutoring upper primary, Lower Secondary and Upper Secondary Math and Sciences. Conducted school enrichment programmes in Mathematics, Science from P3 to S4, for instance, Mathematical Olympiad for Yangzheng, Kuo Chuan PRESBYTERIAN (P3), Si Ling, North View, Corporation, SCGS, Teck Ghee, Gan Eng Seng, RGPS and Pioneer Primary (P5-P6). MSHS, Naval Base Sec, AMK and St Andrew’s Sec SMO (Junior),  Marsiling Sec AMC, Bukit Merah, Unity Sec, Bedok South, Woodlands Sec and Swiss Cottage Sec1-Sec2 (Junior) and Guang Yang Sec3-4 SMO (Senior),  Teck Whye Sec1 UNSW. Science Olympiad for Xishan, Greenridge, Dazhong, Yumin, Fernvale, Kheng Cheng and Boon Lay Garden (P4-P5), Greenwood and St Stephen, Teck Whye (P5,6), CHIJ Katong (P6), Fuchun Sec 4. P4 Science Camp for MGS. P5 Math and Science Camp for GES. Conducted A Star and Plus Mathematics Thinking Course for Holy Innocent’s Primary. 

Mr Quek Sim Thye (Fabian)

BA (Communications), Monash University. 18 years tutoring (Upper Primary – Secondary: Eng, Math, Science, A Math, E Math); Current private tutor and freelance enrichment instructor for Math and Science. E.g. P3 MO for Greendale, Anchor Green, St Hildas and Concord Primary. P4 MO for Frontier, Yumin, Gan Eng Seng, Chua Chu kang Primary. P5MO for Angsana and Bukit Panjang Primary. P6MO for South View Primary. P4 Science Olympiad for Zhangde Primary. P4 Math and Science Camp for Gan Eng Seng.

Mdm Liaw Pik Ching Lynette

BSc (Physics), NUS; PGDE, NIE. 8 years tutoring (Upper Primary – Secondary: Eng, Math, Science, Physics, Chemistry, A Math, E Math); Current Poly lecturer coaching General Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry (11 years); Freelance Math and Science Trainer/Enrichment Teacher (15 years); ex-MOE secondary school teacher. P6 MO for Anderson and Bukit View primary. SJPO for East View, Yishun Town and Woodlands Ring Sec. SMO junior for SCGS and Bukit Batok Secondary.

Mr Soifuddin Sufaat

NIE Diploma in Education. 10 years (Primary – Sep 2001 to August 2011 ) Ex-teacher. 6 years (Sep 2011 – current) Freelance Math and Science Trainer, Tutor. Schools taught included Unity Primary-P3/4/5/6 EMS. Woodlands Ring Primary P4/5 EMS, Naval Base Primary P5 EMS. His teaching experience includes teaching pupils from different streams(Standard, Foundation, EM3). Working with academically-inclined pupils as well as those who are less-academically-inclined has been enriching. He has used a repertoire of teaching strategies to suit the different needs of his pupils.
Furthermore, holding the appointment of Discipline Master at Unity Primary has taught him to be patient with pupils of all walks of life. He strongly believes this quote from Albert Einstein that,’Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.’ P5MO for Anderson, SCGS, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian, Pei Chun Public School, Corporation and P4MO for Bukit View Pri, RGPS, Gan Eng Seng; P6 MO for Nan Hua (GEPAMEC) and Kuo Chuan Presbyterian.

Ms Adeline Tang

An experienced, cheery and passionate full time tutor with 18 years of tutoring experience in English Maths and Science (primary). Also, a current MOE accredited, certified enrichment trainer for Maths, Science, Speech and Drama programmes with primary schools. Ms Adeline acquire her prestigious Cambridge International Diploma for TESOL. Conducted Mathematical Olympiad Course for Marsiling, Fuchun, Boon Lay Garden, Concord, MGS, Unity and Teck Ghee (P5), Yangzheng (P4-5), SCGS, Hongkah (P4&P5&P6), Compassvale, Concord, New Town, Catholic High School (P6), Corporation Primary, CDAC @ Yew Tee (P5-6), P3MO and P5MO for Nan Chiau and Kranji, P3 Spatial Math for Waterway, P4MO for RGPS, Pioneer PS, P3 MO for Kuo Chuan Presbyterian and Yew Tee , Canberra P3 Math, Shuqun S2 Math Fantasia, Zhenghua P5 Math, Xingnan P4 Bridging Math, SMO Training for Jun Yuan, MSHS (Junior), A Star and Plus Mathematics Thinking Course for Poi Ching School, Teck Whye, Henry Park, Holy Innocents, Yishun and Rivervale (P6) and Fun with Mathematics Thinking Course for Pioneer (P12), Woodlands Ring (P45) and Tampines North (P4), A Star Science Programme for Juying, Greenwood (P6), Innova Primary, Science Appreciation Days for Coral Primary (P12).

Ms Rodrigues Azaria

Marine Biology graduate of Oxford College with MERIT and Commendation Certificate for Outstanding Performance. 11 years coaching and tutoring experience since 2007 on Mathematics and Science for both Primary and Secondary levels. A responsible trainer with great passion. Conducted Mathematical Olympiad for Boon Lay Garden (P2-5), Si Ling, Naval Base & St Margaret (P6), Marsiling (P3-5), Anderson (P3-4), Pioneer, Teck Ghee and Zhonghua Primary (P2-3), CDAC @ Yishun, May Flower and  Rivervale Primary (P5-6),Dazhong and Mary Mount Convent School, RGPS (P5). P4 MO for Nan Chiau, Chua Chu kang, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian. P4-6 MO for Teck Ghee Pri. A Star and Plus Mathematics Thinking Course for First Toa Payoh, Teck Whye (P4 & P6), Juying Primary and Fun with Mathematics Thinking Course for Tampines North. Mathematical Olympiad (Junior/Senior) for Jun Yuan, MSHS, Evergreen and Orchid Park Sec(Junior).  A Star & Plus Science for Xishan, Greenwood, Qihua, Science Olympiad for Naval Base (P6), Greenridge, Kheng Cheng and West Grove (P4). SJBIO for Woodlands Ring Sec.

Ms Felicia Yong

Graduated from TESL (Canadian institute Of English), Ms Felicia is a responsible and experienced full time tutor since 1992. She focuses on coaching English, Mathematics and Science for primary pupils, as well as English and Mathematics for secondary level students. Also, an instructor for enrichment programmes like P6 fun with mathematics thinking course for Balestier Hill Primary (P6), MO for Corporation, Shuqun and Nan Hua P3, Lakeside, North View,  Temasek, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian, Naval Base  P4,  Boon Lay Garden, North Spring, Shuqun, Chua Chu Kang and Nan Hua (GEP) P5,  Teluk Kurau, Zhenghua  P6, CDAC @ Yew Tee Branch (P5-6), A Star & Plus Math for Boon Lay Garden, Evergreen, Changkat and Opera Estate, Rivervale & Yishun (P6) and Teck Whye (P5), Naval Base P5 Math Clinics and Tanjong Katong P3 Math Think Tank. A Star & Plus Science Enrichment Programme for Juying, Xishan, St Stephen’s and Greenwood P6 and Science Olympiad for St Hilda’s P4. Conducted workshops for CDAC, YMCA. Science Olympiad for Changkat and Bukit View (P5) and Greenridge (P4), P5P6 investigative Sci, Teck Whye, P5 ENV Sci for Si Ling. P3 Math and Science Camp for Gan Eng Seng PS.

Ms Jenny Ee

An experienced dedicated full-time tutor with more than 25 years of tutoring experience since 1992. Has been coaching primary school students English, Mathematics and Science, secondary school students English and A/E Mathematics. Conducted A Star and Plus Mathematics Thinking Course for Henry Park, Rivervale, First Toa Payoh, Juying (P6), Zhenghua & Naval Base (P5), Fun with Mathematics Thinking Course for Tampines North (P4) and Gan Eng Seng (P45). Mathematical Olympiad for Corporation, Yew Tee and Temasek (P3),  Yew Tee, New Town, West Grove, MahaBodhi, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian, RGPS and Teck Ghee (P4), Horizon, Opera Estate and Pioneer (P5), Zhonghua and Zhenghua (P6), Marsiling (P34), HongKah, Northview and Hougang (P56),  Peiying and Jingshan (P45). Junior Olympiad for Bendemeer, Dunearn, Hua Yi, Ahmad Ibrahim, Loyang, St Anthony Canossian Secondary, AMC Junior and Intermediate for Yuan Ching Sec.  P2 Science Camp for MGS, Magic of Science for Coral (P1-2), Math & Science Camp for Children’s Aid Society, Warren Golf Country Club, Science Enrichment for Greenwood and St Stephen (P6). P4 SO for West Grove and Greenridge PS.

Mr Aw Cheong Chin

BSC(ComputerSci),NUS, HCJC Alumna. Current Associate Lecturer, RP from 2006 till present teaching Mathematics modules for year 1, 2 and 3 students, seeing the students changed their mind set from “dislike” Maths to “like” Maths. Also a MOE-registered Math and Science enrichment trainer for both primary and secondary schools. P6 MO for South View, P5MO for North Vista. P4 Spatial Math for Zhonghua. SASMO Sec 2 for AMKSS and Sec 3/4 for Unity SS.  SMO Junior S1S2 for Dunearn, St Andrew’s, Crescent Girls SS. Conducted Heuristics Around Us Let’s Go flying Kite @ GES P5, CDAC.

Mr Ivan C. H. Lee

An experienced full-time trainer, Dip.Mech (S’pore Poly), Dip Sales & Marketing(MIS), Professional Diploma in Training and Development(STADA),Certified Behavioural Analyst(IML,USA), ACTA  and he has a wide level of experience ranging from engineering, IT, pastoral, business development and educational enrichment training with numerous companies. Mr. Lee has been a much sort after trainer for the last ten years training participants of all ages ranging from Primary school students to adults. His workshops are usually activities-based, with group interactions, role plays, use of object lessons, magic, stories, videos, Math Olympiad & Heuristics Math for StHildas’s, Teck Ghee, Pioneer, Compassvale, Elias Park, Chongzheng, May Flower, StMargaret, Naval Base and Jurong West, Horizon, Montfort Junior and North Spring Primary, Gan Eng Seng (P5), Maha Bodhi and Jurong West(P4), P456MO for White Sands. A Star & Plus Math Thinking Prog for Rivervale (P3&P4), TeckGhee (P2, P3&P5),  @CDAC Tanjong Katong (P3456), Jiemin (P6);AMC Junior for Marsiling Sec, SMO Junior for Compassvale, Hua Yi and Pasir Ris Crests, SCGS, Whitley Sec, UNSW Sec 1 for Teck Whye Sec,  SASMO for Guangyang SS . Science Olympiad for East Spring, Changkat, Haig Girls, St Stephen Sch, Coral,  White Sands and Naval Base (P5) & Greenwood (P4&P6), Sci Stretched Edgefield (P4),  Greenridge(P6);NT Sci Sec4 Fuchun. P2 Science Camp for MGS. To date, he has trained more than 14,000 participants from more than 60 organizations and schools and his trainings are usually well received with more than 75% of participants rating him as very good or excellent. With his background as a former pastor and counselor, he is able to understand and connect well with his participants. Mr. Lee’s rich knowledge and extensive hands-on experience together with his dedication and passion to developing more capable individuals makes the difference as a trainer, coach and mentor. 

Mr Vicnesan S/O Sevanesan

Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (CELTA), Olevels Cambridge English Language Assessment, CA International College Singapore. Full-time tutor of academic subjects like English, Mathematics and Sciences to students from primary and secondary schools since 2009. Conducted and taught Mathematics and Science enrichment classes in MOE Primary Schools. Successfully improved student participation in the classroom through integration of creative role-playing exercises. Developed programs to work with students and increase interest in higher learning. Teaching Olympiad and Enrichment Classes.  P4MO for CCK, Frontier, Concord. P5MO for Qihua and P6 MO for Si Ling Primary. Problem Solving Heurisitcs for P4 Evergreen Primary. Math and Science Camp for GES. P4 ENV Stem Science for Si Ling, North Spring, West Grove, Jurong West and Greenridge Primary. S3 SMO for Whitley Secondary and S1 SASMO for Ang Mo Kio Secondary.

Ms Lim Kai Hui Sarah

Beng(Mech), Design Specialisation with a Minor in Business (Upper Second-Class Honours), NTU,AJC,CHIJ St Joseph. A creative, meticulous, motivated, passionate and encouraging full time MOE Math and Science Enrichment Trainer since 2011 for Primary and secondary Math, Science. P5MO for White Sands and West Views, P5SO for AMK and Kheng Cheng School, P6 Life Science for SCGS, P5 Math and Science Camp for Gan Eng Seng Primary. Sec1 SASMO for AMK SS, sec2 SMO for Nan Chiau High and Whitley secondary.

Mr Chew Siong Guong William

MBA, BSc – Finance and Marketing. TA for basic marketing undergrad class in US University in 1994 and full time tutor for Sec, upper primary math and science since 1989. Taught Math Olympiad Programme for Zhangde, Rivervale, East Spring, White Sand, Teck Ghee, Greenridge, Horizon and Anchor Green(P5),  North Spring and Nan Chiau P4-P6MO, Xing Hua, Tanjong Katong, Woodgrove, Loyang, Greenridge and St Hildas’ , Jurong West(P4),  P6 MO for South View, Monfort Junior, East Spring, Angsana and Newtown. P3MO for Nan Hua. Real World Math Modeling for P5-P6 Montfort Junior, Math Entrepreneurship for P5 Montfort Junior. SMO Senior and junior for Maris Stella High, PLMGS and Crescents Girls’ sch,  SMO (Open) for Dunman High, Catholic High School, Compassvale & Zhenghua SS(S2) and Swiss Cottage (S1). Conducted Heuristics Around Us Let’s Go flying Kite @ GES P5, CDAC.  P5SO for Juying and Greenridge, Kheng Cheng School, P4SO for Greenridge and Kheng Cheng School, P3 Science Camp for MGS. P4 Math and Science Camp for Gan Eng Seng. SJPO for Ngee Ann SS.

Mdm Chua Suan Eng Maggie Theresa

SP Dip (Architectural Technician),PSB Develop Effective Instructor. Trustworthy, reliable, diligent, Math Enrichment (P1 to P2), Spatial Visualization Math (P3 to P4) for Waterway. Science enrichment trainer (P3 toP6) for MOE schools: Springdale,Bendemeer,Al Maariff,CH,Farrer Park,Damai,Naval Base,ACS(J),St Hilda’s,Fairfield Methodist,CH, Lian Hua,Admiralty,Yu Neng,Red Swastika, CHIJ (Navity), Guanyang, East View, Bukit View, Poi Ching Sch, Geylang Methodist (Pri), Endeavour, Kheng Cheng, P5 Science Yumin, P34 CSI Life Sciene PLMGS, P3 Env Science Si Ling , P4 STEAM Science Greenridge , CDAC Toa Payoh & Redhill.

Mr Ng Zhihan Joel

Diploma In Intelligent Building Technology. Full time tutor for Math and Science, Primary and lower Sec since 2014.
Conducted P4-P5MO for Anderson and Rivervale Primary. P5 SO for AMK and Kheng Cheng School; P4 SO for Zhangde Primary; P6 Env Sci for Si Ling, P3 Math and Science Camp for GES. Sec 1 SMO for PLMGS.

Mr Tan Thuan Choon Donald

Bachelor of SCI (NUS). Trainer for more than 10 years in Math and Science enrichment, primary and secondary. P6 MO for Angsana and East Spring. P5 MO for Si Ling and East Spring. P4 MO for Concord, Compassvale and St Hildas’, P6MO for Anderson Pri.  P4  Math and Science Camp for GES.

Mr Leong Meng Tsi Edmund

Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical),MBA. Mind Stretch in Math for P5 pupils (Jiemin) and P5MO for Zhangde and Naval Base Primary; Science Olympiad for P4,P6 pupils (Wellington); P4,P5 Pupils (Fernvale, Springdale, Edgefield and Zhangde); Greenwood (P6);   May Flower, Coral, Kheng Cheng School and MGS (P5); CDAC (P1,2,3, 4,5,6); Fuchun Sec 2. P5 Science Camp for GES. Conducted Heuristics Around Us Let’s Go flying Kite @ GES P5, CDAC. 

Mdm Png Tiang Ngin Joanna

Bachelor of Accountancy. Trainer in Financial Literacy, MOE Math, Science Enrichment for 5 years. Relief teacher in secondary school for a term. Mind Stretch in Math for P5 & P6 pupils (Jiemin) and Spatial Visualization Math for P3 & P4 pupils (waterway); Math Olympiad for P3,4,5 (Riverside and Anderson), P4,5 (Teck Ghee, Rivervale, First Toa Payoh, Xinghua and SCGS), Zhangde, Unity and CHIJ Katong (P3toP6), Woodlands (P4),  Kranji (P6), Naval Base, Cantonment, Zhangde, Gan Eng Seng and RGPS (P5,P6). Science Olympiad for P4,P6 pupils (Wellington); P4,P5 Pupils (Fernvale, Springdale, Zhangde and Edgefield); Greenwood (P3,4,6);  May Flower and Naval Base (P5,6); PLMGS (P3,4,5); Yumin (P5); CDAC (P1,2,3, 4,5,6); Fuchun Sec 2, P5 Science Camp for MGS, P5 Science Camp for Gan Eng Seng; Conducted Heuristics Around Us Let’s Go flying Kite @ GES P5, CDAC.

Ms Mok Mun Fong Vanessa

Bachelor of Science in Computing Management (MDIS / Bradford University), ACTA – Advanced Certificate in Training & Assessment.Primary / Secondary / Polytechnic levels:Job Preparation Program for youths (Ministry of Social and FamilyDevelopment).SFE Family Team Bonding Workshops.Study Skills Program (P6 / S3 / S4 / S5).Leadership Program & Team-Building Workshops, Math Olympiad Trainer since 2013. P3 MO for Rivervale , P4MO for Greenwood, SCGS, CHIJ OLQOP, East Spring, North Spring and St Hildas’, P5MO for Catholic High School, RGPS, SCGS, Nan Hua Primary, P6 MO for Angsana, Si Ling, Bukit View, RGPS, P3 Spatial Visualization Skills cum Problem Solving Heuristics for Montfort Junior and Yumin Primary. Outdoor Adventure & Learning Camps (Local & Overseas),Overseas CIP (Vietnam / Batam),Restorative Program/Workshops (ARKs / KOBOS – At Risks Kids / Kids On Brink of Success),After-school care & home tuition (English & Mathematics [P5/P6]),Coaching on Speed Stacking & Mosaic Art,IT Training program (Adults / Pre-schoolers).

Mr Ang Hwee Sheng, Wilson

DIPLOMA IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING – Singapore polytechnic. TRAINER IN LIFESKILLS WORKSHOP for MOE schools. Taught presentations and group works. Engaged and directed targeted audience to critical thinking. Developed, planned and arranged activities and ice breakers. Conducted Math Talent Programme , SASMO, SMO, AMC, UNSW at Whitley, Bukit Batok Sec 2, sec3 ,Teck Whye Sec, Pasir Ris Crest and Unity Sec. P4SO for North Spring Primary.

Mdm Tay Siew Lai

Bachelor of SC(Physics), NUS. 1)Tutor to Sec 3&4 students in 1979-84 (as a JC student and undergrad) ; 2) Contract teacher with MOE in 1997/1998; 3) Since year 2000 : Tutor ( Primary – JC, Eng, Math, A Math, Sci, Physics) ; 4) Since year 2000 – Freelance Math and Science Trainer,  P5-P6MO for Zhenghua, Boon Lay Garden, Opera Estate and Anchor Green. P4 MO for Pei Chun Public School. P3-P5 MO for CHIJ Katong primary.

Mdm Dianna Koh Hong Noi

Diploma In Leadership and People Management, LCC Higher Certificate in Accounting , Economics & Commercial Law. 10 years as a part-time Enrichment Trainer in IT, Science & Math, – 4 years as an IT teacher coaching IT programs (Microsoft word, excel, power points & simple web design) to lower primary student in government schools . P5MO for Anchor Green. Spatial Visualization Math (P3 to P4) for Waterway. P3 Env Sci for Si Ling.

Mr Gopi Krishnan

BSC(NUS), Math, DIP in Ed. (NIE). Ex-teacher, Yishun Town Sec (1988-2002) MOE Registered Math and Science enrichment instructor. P5MO for GES, Anchor Green, Si Ling, SCGS and Bukit View Primary. SASMO sec 2 for Ang Mo Kio sec.

Ms Loh Kia Lynn

Business Administration graduate from Ngee Ann Poly, is a responsible and experienced  full time tutor since 2002. Ms Loh is currently coaching all levels of primary school, mainly in the subjects of Mathematics and Science, as well as Secondary AE Maths. Problem-solving and Olympiads in Math & Science for P5 & P6.Conducted Science Enrichment for St Stephen’s School (P6) and A Star & Plus Mathematics Olympiad for First Toa Payoh, Naval Base Primary 5 & 6.Math Olympiad for P1P2P3P4P5P6MO for Concord, Kranji Primary Schools. Holy Innocents P5MO till P6MO. Canberra, Tampines, SCGS, RGPS and Kuo Chuan Presbyterian P5MO. Spatial Visualization Math (P3 to P4) for Waterway. Ping Yi Educational Hands-on (Sec2). Problem Solving Heuristics for Evergreen P5.

Ms Tan Chai Kim Allison

DSM & ECE (Basic). 25 years tutoring experiencewith preschool, primary and secondary school students. Math and Science enrichment trainer with MOE. Trained students primarily on language-related contents with Science as the secondary training subjects. P5 Env Sci for Si Ling. P3-P4 Math and Science Camp for Gan Eng Seng Primary. P5MO for Concord, Riverside and Si Ling. P3MO for Greenridge. Problem Solving Heuristics for Evergreen P4.     

Mr Chew Teck Meng Ivan

B Comp (infoSys, NUS, First Class Hons). Full time A/EMaths, Physics and Chemistry Tutor. Formerly Full Time TA in NUS for 3 years. Math and Science Enrichment Trainer. Conducted P5SO for AMK, Zhangde and North Spring Primary. Problem Solving Heuristics for Evergreen Primary (P4). Math Talent Programme for Whitley Sec (Sec 1,3) and Unity Sec (Sec 3 and 4). SMO (Junior and Senior) for Dunman High and Xin Min Sec, SMO (J) for Bukit Batok. SJPO and NOI for Clementi Town SS.

Mr Steven Lee Tong Boo

Engineer and part time tutor for 20 years. Sci Olympiad for St. Stephen, Greenridge, Edgefield, Marsiling, Bedok Green, Mayflower, Fernvale, Haig Girls’ School, Changkat, St. Anthorny’s Primary school (P4-P6) from 2012-2021. Math Olympiad for Temasek, West View, Greenridge, Si Ling, Anchor Green from 2013-2022. 2018-2019 math and Sci camp for GES. 2018-2022 AMC, SMO, AMO for JWSS, MSHS and Pasir Ris Crest Sec.

Ms Lee Sor Hong

An experienced full time tutor since 1990, focuses on coaching Mathematics for both upper primary and secondary students. Mathematic Olympiad for Loyang, Red Swastika, Temasek, St Hilda’s, Rivervale, Lakeside, North Spring, Nan Chiau, Tampines North, Bukit View, Yew Tee, Peichun Public sch, Tampines, CHIJ Katong, Anderson, Kuo Chuan Presbyterian since 2012-2022 from P3 to P6 MO.

Mdm Ch’ng Phek Hoon

Has been teaching Maths Enrichment in MOE Primary schools for the past 10 years. Had taught in East Coast, Fuhua, Bukit Panjang, Boon Lay Garden, Unity, Kranji Pri. P3/4 MO for Boon Laay Garden, Greenridge and Si Ling Pri from 2019-2022.

Mr Tan Yi Jia, Malvin

Private tutor since 2013 till present. Primary school maths and Science Olympiad instructor. Schools taugh include Montfort Junior, Tanjong Katong, CCK, Nan Hua and Bukit View Pri. P3/4 MO since 2015-2022. 2015-2019 Si Ling ENV Sci, MGS Sci camp and Dazhong Sci Olympiad.

Mr Tan Kim Yew Bob

Private tutor (pri/sec) since 1981. Enrichment programme instructor for Math and Science since 2010. Specializes in coaching AE maths, sciences for both lower and upper primary and secondary. Conducted Math Olympiad for Teck Ghee, Shuqun, Yangzheng, Elias Park, Bukit Panjang, Zhenghua, Angsana, RGPS 2010-2022. 2010-2022 SMO (junior and senior) for MSHS and 2016 real world math modelling for Catholic High school.

Mr Meril Arif Suonggo

An educaltional consultant specializing in maths and science for o-level, in 2010-2022. Private tutor up to o-levels since 2005. Conducted Science Olympiad for Xishan, St. Hilda’s since 2012. Math Olympiad SMO (J) for AISS, St. Anthorny’s Canossian, MSHS and Tanglin Sec School from 2010-2022.

Ms Joanna Lee Lay Hong

A responsible, reliable, independent-trainer of integrity, equipped with effective classroom management and communication skills who conducts math enrichment for MOE schools since 2007-2022. P3-P6 MO for Nan Hua, Zhangde, Zhenghua, SCGS and Greenridge Pri.

Mr Chan Keng Seng

10 years of tutoring experiences in math and science for both primary and secondary levels. ITE/Poly engineering maths, electrical analysis and mechanics. MOE enrichment trainer for math and science. MO for Blangah Rise and Nan Chiau. Science Olympiad for Zhangde Pri. 

Mr Benjamin Yoap Rui Kai

NUS mathematics. A level graduate from RVHS. MOE mathematics and science instructor since 2019-2022. SMO (junior and senior) for SCGS, Bukit Batok Sec. SJPO for Yishun Town and Riverside Sec.

Mr Chee Young Fook Trevor

16 years MOE teacher at 5 different primary schools, such as Peixin, North View, East Spring, Park View and Ahmad Ibrahim. Math and science enrichment trainer since 2015. Math Olympiad for Bukit View, SCGS, Opera Estate, GES from 2017-2022.

Mr Lim Kim Twee

More than 30 years of teaching primary and secondary schools. Ex-VP for primary schools, HOD and senior teacher. Math and Science MOE instructor. MO for Frontier and South View primary school from 2018-2022.

Ms Lai Pek Wah

Math and Science Enrichment trainer for MOE schools since 2010. Relief teacher, Guangyang sec. Taught sec 1 maths and sec 3 combined sci (Physics). MO for East Spring, Gan Eng Seng since 2018-2022. Math and Sci camps for Gan Eng Seng 2018-2019.

Mr Tan Yong Ann

NUS Mathematics. AMC Distinction Year 11 Intermediate Division 2014, yera 11 Senior Division 2016 Awardee. SASMO 2015 Gold Award. SMO 2013 junior Gold Award.