These programmes are specially designed for our students who want to discover and explore the STEAM interdisciplinary learning via collaborative projects or tasks.

Coding (upcoming)


Preschool Enrichment

Spatial visualisation and investigative problem solving heuristic provide an early exposure and introduction to the 13 heuristics skills in real life application, aiming to enhance preschoolers' spatial visualisation, numeracy and logical reasoning skills.

Real World Math/Science Modeling

To better engage learners in authentic real life experiences, collaborative problem solving and critical thinking, e.g. financial literacy, real world modeling, prototyping to seamlessly and meaningfully introduce and extend mathematics, scientific concepts and skills.

Math/Science Entrepreneurship

To provide opportunities to introduce the idea of entrepreneurship in collaborative interdisciplinary studies and develop abilities that characterise entrepreneurs, i.e. entrepreneurial competencies, while applying mathematics, scientific processes inclusive of data science and analysis.