SIMPLY S MART is founded by two master Trainers whose shared common training beliefs and missions on helping the students towards their vision of “Everyone is gifted” by year 2020 well aligns with the Singapore MOE philosophy. Their mission is to provide students with quality educational support services in Mathematics and Sciences.

We comprise a team of highly experienced and specialized teachers and educators well established in schools and top education/learning centers providing enrichments, Olympiads, gifted and integrated progamme training.

We coach the “top” calibers ranging from RGPS, Nan Hua, Rosyth, Nanyang Primary to RI, Hwa Chong Institution, NUS High, ACSi, RGS, Nanyang Girls secondary and NJC.

We are dedicated, committed to imparting customized yet effective teaching and learning techniques, promoting thinking skills, cementing and advancing students’ understanding of concepts from basics  till advanced enrichment levels through tested and proven approaches and methods…

We Hear, Understand & Care About You:  

Singapore’s strengths in maths and science gained worldwide recognition after it was ranked No 1 among 38 nations in the 1995 and 1999 International Mathematics and Science Study. Currently, Singapore Maths books are used in 140 US schools. The study could lead to more widespread adoption and use of Singapore Maths books in the US. Source: Channel NewsAsia (Singapore) 10 Sep 2002.

 “We are so lost nowadays…Mr. Tan and Ms. Irene. You know why? Last time, my boy used to be struggling in the middle. Now, with the presence of China scholars as number 1, vietnam scholars as number 2, the top local boys and girls become number 3 and sad to say that my boy now become sort of a cushion or number 4 for them…”by concerned Mrs. Kong from Bukit Batok to SIMPLY SMART EDUCATION CENTRE.

 “Sir, what kind of question is this? It’s just hard, we can’t solve it!”, by sec 1 integrated programme smart girls from one of the top 5 girl SAP schools (They are all A* Scorers for both maths and science at PSLE). “ But, do you know that this question has been set by one of the neighbourhood schools for P5 level?” 

Our Objectives: 

We aim to generate a greater interest in Maths and Sciences, help students build a strong basic,  motivate bright but underachievers, diagnose weaknesses or challenging areas, develop problem-solving skills to the fullest potential, share the techniques and strategies for optimal performance in assessments and examinations.


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